What I'm trying to do with my photographs;

Patterns and colors draw my eye to them; they seem to have a pull on me, they make me stare and turn my head in peculiar ways to see what is there and why I'm looking at it. Sometimes these bits and pieces work in photographs but often times it leaves me reviewing lots of photos of odd shapes and colors that don't do much for me other than take up space.


I started taking photographs of friends skateboarding as a kid. Eventually the fuzzy poorly framed photos became sharp and well composed enough that people published them. I kept at it enough to have work published in most skateboarding magazines in the late 80's to mid 90’s. I gave up that type of photography when I ran away from South California and started my slow Northern migration that landed me in Seattle. Eventually I migrated back to Southern California, because, we all want to go home, even if we can't find it.


At one point all of my photographs were devoid of anything man made, it was all about nature and now they are rarely about nature and more about colors, lines, repetition, reflection and a feeling that I try to convey that I'm never quite sure is conveyable. The compliment I’m always striving for is that a photograph of mine creates a feeling in your chest, much like Mark Rothko paintings create in my chest when I stand in front of them.


Thanks for reading and looking at my images.


Christian Kline